10 Reasons Your Story is a BIG DEAL

Warren Friessen, has been in the Sioux Falls construction business since the 1960’s.  His company , Friessen Construction, has performed home and commercial building excavation and finish grading on many projects in South Dakota – the Mundt Library, Northwestern Bank, Big Sioux River Levee, 26th Street/Interstate 29 interchange and the development of Lake Lorraine, to name a few.


Needless to say, he’s done a lot of big deals.


But ask Warren what project he’s most proud and he’ll tell you it’s one of which he didn’t turn a single scoop of dirt.

Many successful people will generously pass on the fruits of their success (wealth & property) to generations that follow while taking what may be their greatest gift, their story, with them.


Not the case with Warren Friessen.


Watch the video above and see what Warren had to say about one of his BIGGEST DEALS.


"To Save A Man’s Soul."



"To Save A Man's Soul" - Warren Friessen

#9: To Save A Man's Soul


By Rick Lingberg

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