10 Reasons Your Story is a BIG DEAL

#5: To see your face and hear your voice

          by Rick Lingberg

People say, “Who would want to hear my story?  It’s no big deal.”


Well, think about this…


I just returned from a family reunion.  It’s my mom’s family.  The reunion was started in 1983 by mom, her four siblings and their spouses.  Over the years additional generations have joined –four of them, so far.  We’ve met every 3 to 5 years.  It should be noted that a number of the first generation are no longer with us.  Only two were able to make the trip this time.  How precious would it be to see their faces and hear their voices, again?


Proof of that preciousness is in the experience.  Try this…


For the next 30 seconds close your eyes and concentrate on the face of someone who meant a lot to you, but is no longer here.  It could be a parent, grandparent, sibling, teacher, mentor, neighbor or friend.

Now, do it again, same person or persons.  This time focus on the sound of their voice.  Think about something they may have said to you, advice they may have given, a comforting word they may have offered or a story they would have told.


What would it be worth to see and hear them, right now?


Fortunately, I know.


In 2001, prior to their 50th wedding anniversary I recorded a conversation I had with my parents.  Mom is still around, but dad passed away in 2010.  Here’s one of the stories they told.  Now seen and heard by their second, third and fourth generations.


It’s called,“That (bleepity bleep) Green Ford…”

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